AVAILABLE NOW: Never Nervous T-Shirts (White Ink on Grey American Apparel)! [SOLD OUT]

That’s right, folks, we’ve got a new t-shirt available now for you, and you only! The design boasts a clever design from Yoko Molotov that was inspired by the classic horror film Return of the Living Dead. Why did we choose to base our design on ROTLD, you ask? If you didn’t know already (which you probably did) this particular movie was set in Louisville, and the majority of main characters are classic punk rock archetypes that we can easily relate to. Plus, the movie is a fucking bonafide must-watch for not only horror fans, but for fans of people that would like to see circa 1980’s Louisville get blown up by a nuclear bomb!

These are all asphalt gray American Apparel shirts (men’s and women’s) with white print, and it should be noted that this run is extremely limited, so once they’re gone, THEY’RE GONE FOREVER. That being said, we do plan to do a few more runs of different color schemes, so stay in touch for those. In the mean time, order a shirt in your size HERE. We’ll throw in a nifty one-inch NN button and magnet with each order, just because we love you.