LISTEN: Andrew Rinehart – “Death Time”

There was an open bar at the Steamboat Race yesterday, which I made full use of. Between that and this unrepentant cool air and rain that we’ve all endured the last couple of days, and “Death Time” by Andrew Rinehart seems like the kind of anthem that I can stand behind. There is a manic energy here that evokes an image of The Birthday Party or The Jesus Lizard channeling all their fury in the Black Lodge. This is a short, but visceral track that serves as the score to your nightmares and rage fantasies, all tension and no release like an ever cresting wave; you are always waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

Speaking with Rinehart, he identifies this as an homage to both Twin Peaks and Patrick Bateman, and the sort of thing that kind of neatly summarizes the current election. Given our current political climate, both in terms of our state and our country, it’s especially hard to argue that logic. Drink all the coffee and secure all the tables, because you will want to flip them and wig out. Listen below and try not to get too rowdy.