LISTEN: House Ghost – “Gold Watch (Get Lost)” ft. James Lindsey

“You’re not fired, you just don’t work here anymore.” Well fuckin A, man. This is not the company line given to staffers for Bernie Sander’s campaign, it is the opening line for House Ghost’s kick ass new song. They say attitude is everything, so in theory your job could be to shovel horse shit all day and you have the ability to smile and enjoy it. I mean theoretically, yea I guess. But actually, nah, B. Most jobs are bullshit and most middle managers are employees who either adapted and became the bullshit in order to climb the ladder propped against bullshit mountain, or..or..they had a good attitude. I don’t know how it happens. I spend most of my working time wishing I had a red stapler and an express pass to the basement, far away from weirdos who want to talk while you have headphones on before 9 am. Stay with me, this tangential bullshit about my work experience is ultimately relating to House Ghost’s new song.

The point is most of us have jobs to pay bills and most jobs aren’t huge sources of inspiration or fulfillment. So imagine the soul sucking news of being rejected by said unfulfilling job. That is the theme of House Ghost’s latest track, which ultimately sends the often upbeat James Lindsey to contemplate how his boss will be needing an ambulance. The band’s vocalist also shares in the depression, noting “Love isn’t here anymore.” On the bright side, these guys may be better off quitting their day jobs altogether and opting for careers as musicians, they are pretty good at it.

Listen below and kick you boss in the groin while doing so: