LISTEN: Nicholas Daniel – “Dark Ritual”

I’ve never written about a track that more inspired me to wear robes and think about the devil more than Dark Ritual, the newest by Nicholas Daniel. You may recognize that name as half of Norrin Radd or Exacta Cube, and his experiences with both are on full display here. Where he typically uses synthesizers as his main instrument, primarily of the modular variety, here he takes a slightly different approach opening with a guitar riff perfect for a rainy day, before diving into a dark-ass drone. Did I write “dark-ass” drone. You betcha. This is journalism.

There is a Swans like quality to the opening riff that suggests the imminent arrival of a deep baroque voice, which never appears. An instrumental track, this is the perfect music for a dreary day, preferably when it’s raining and you’re stuck at work. I’m not saying this will work, but this may or may not be the beginning of a ritual meant to destroy cubicle walls with pure drone evil, like Sunn O))) in a board meeting. Not really sure if that’s true or not, but I wish it was. Listen below and get your druid outfit ready.