LISTEN: Eons D – “Flames (Spaceship Ode)” featuring Jordan Jetson & Allen Poe

Not sure what it is, but this is really hitting the spot this morning. Just to qualify, this is a solid beat and I went into this with high expectations given the folks involved, but my mood is kind of meh today, and this is a solid accompaniment to that. There is a lot of energy to this track, and it kind of has a minor key vibe, like someone got burnt, pun absolutely intended. Everyone here absolutely fucking kills it, which should come as no surprise. Damn, digging into this track a bit more, I’m absolutely loving this beat. And Jordan Jetson (I believe it’s Jetson on the hook… correct me if I’m wrong) is really handling this hook too. Keep it up and you’ll give that Nate Dogg legacy a run for it’s money.

Eons D and Allen Poe bring the heat on this track, both with verses delivered with a sense of urgency. This kind of reminds me of the track Deep Space 9mm, which is one of my favorite cuts from Fantastic Damage by El-P. That’s a fair comparison too, to invoke that era of Def Jux. There is a grittiness here undercut by a nice, kind of almost soul sound carried both by the sampled vocal hooks (low in the mix), and the masterful hook. The fact that the drum machines are allowed to be what they are too is refreshing in an old school hip-hop way, that still veers towards a more modern sound. 
Listen below and get into it. Or be an asshole and don’t. Your call.