LISTEN: Perm: Pony Tales – “From the Watterson Expressway”

Is there a better band/project name than Perm? For 80’s inspired New Wave pop, I would argue that there couldn’t be anything any better. The brainchild of Atticus Coleman, Perm is a celebration of all things synth and synthetic, that kind of cyborg pastiche that compromised the majority of the music from my childhood where the separation between man and machine was nebulous at best. And there is plenty of Prince inspired falsetto that goes on here, which certainly engenders a kind of unmitigated sexuality. I mean, Prince is basically like sex as a person, one that is awesome at pancakes and basketball to beat.

Everything about this works. The drums pop with a mechanical precision, and the guitar sounds filtered through an almost Def Leppard style distortion, crisp and a singed around the edges. This is as much a love song to digital technology as it is to well made pop, and the care put into the craft here is infectious. Coleman vacillates between a deep baroque and a sharp alto that perfectly underscores the music. This is smooth and well made, the kind of music that you listen to at night, and preferably with shades on. Get your scrunchy out, put your hair up, roll your windows down, and cruise the Watterson tonight, while you bump Perm at full volume. Feel no shame in your game.
Listen below and let love in.