WATCH: Killii Killii – “Dicky D”

Pictured above: Killii Killii gets raw on the Ohio River.

It’s hard to describe Killii Killii and perhaps even more so after the release of Dicky D, a video for a song off of their upcoming record, I Believe in Rollerblading. Watching the video and listening to the music certainly forces a particular narrative and not in the typical way here. Is this surf music, or is this something else, but set to public domain surfing footage? The fact that the track is titled Dicky D, a clear nod to Dick Dale, certainly works to add even more to that notion, that there is some sort of surf rock thing going on here too. But it’s such a sublime nod to surf, something that may just be my mind playing tricks on me. For the most part there is a classic, almost late 90’s kind of indie rock vibe to their music, sort of like a pop-friendly Fugazi or Polvo, but I can’t shake the surf aspect too, which in this case seems filtered through the most Sonic Youth oriented parts of Man or Astroman?, and synthesized into a new whole.

Maybe I’m just over thinking this.

You can check it out for yourself below and see what you think. Maybe listen to it and then watch it? I’m not sure what the right answer is. You can pick up their new EP at their record release show on May 21st w/Tony Robot and special guests at Kaiju.