LISTEN: Cat Casual and the Holy Midnight – “By This River”

Pictured above: This river. It’s this river that it’s by.

I wasn’t expecting to hear a cover of such a lovely Brian Eno song, but with the release of By This River, Cat Casual and The Holy Midnight have done just that. From the album Before and After Science, this is one of Eno’s more mellow pop numbers (not to be confused with his vast catalogue of ambient work, which is a different variety of relaxing). Performed here by William Benton and Brian Foor, the track has the same spartan qualities as it did before, bare of anything except the necessary elements, and it works in essentially the same ways. As such, the band aren’t looking to reinvent the wheel here, but to make present the original with the same level of intimacy as before, translated here by their own quirks of musicianship. It’s a nice treat.

The recording is said to be from an apparently aborted Eno cover compilation, which is a bummer here in that we are all now deprived of the opportunity of hearing more. The silver lining of course, is this song itself, which you can listen to below. Soak in the sublime melancholy of one of Eno’s finest gems below and get into it.