PODCAST: Thommy Browne joins us to talk about Miracle Drug, BTGOG, and our three favorite songs of 2016 (so far)!

Three Amigos, or Three Stooges?

The 26th episode of The Never Nervous Podcast is a bit layered. To get things started, Jake and Phil talk with Thommy Browne about a few upcoming releases from By the Grace of God and Miracle Drug. Afterward, we delve into a sort of round table discussion about our favorite music that came out the first quarter of 2016. Each of us chose three songs that we particularly enjoy from this year thus far, two from Louisville and one from anywhere else.  We play a clip of the song, then talk about how it makes us feel inside.  Simple enough, right?  Ranging from hardcore to indie rock to hip hop, we’re here to educate you, and each other on Louisville-related music happenings.

Just to be informative, I’ll go ahead and let you know what songs each of us chose:

Jaye Jayle – “Miss Paranoia”
Good N Filthy – “Kevin Costner”
Quilt – “Roller”

Dick Titty Blood Punch – “Every Single Band < DTBP”
T Razor – “To Whom It May Concern”
Haybaby – “Joke/Rope”

I Have A Knife – “The Goblin King”
White Reaper – “Middle Of America”
Rob Crow – “Oh, The Sadmakers”

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