LISTEN: Cave DWLR – “Broken Steps (On A Corporate Ladder)”

With the release of Broken Steps (On A Corporate Ladder), Cave DWLR has shifted his focus away from the stylized 8-bit hip-hop of his previous efforts to an EDM style of music. Or at least I think it’s EDM; I get the sub-genres of electronic mixed up pretty well. There is an energy to this not unlike the maximalism of Squarepusher or Flying Lotus, updated with a healthy dose of club synths and warbles. Of course, there are the requisite samples, which seem to still stem from Donkey Kong at times, although not quite so heavily. It’s the kind of track that makes you want to go for a run or do something exciting, or at least excitable, and the sort of thing that Cave DWLR does so well.

I might recommend that you put this on before you want to have a marathon anything session. That could be something awesome, like throwing a frisbee, or it could be some every day dad shit like getting the fucking dishes done. Because this will hype the shit out of whatever it is you’re doing. Listen below and try not to karate kick someone while doing so.