The Never Nervous Guide to Record Store Day ’16 in Louisville

A little while ago, we talked a bit about Record Store Day ’16, as in when RSD is scheduled to happened (THIS SATURDAY!), what shops we expect to participate (Better Days RecordsGuestroom Records, Matt Anthony’s, Modern CultUnderground SoundsThe Great Escape, as well as Please & Thank You), and a few of the releases we were particularly excited about. Shortly after that post, a few shops around town revealed how exactly they’d be celebrating the day-long event, so we figured we should give you all of the information that has been given to us. Read on as we spill the beans in A-Z fashion:

WORTH MENTIONING: Not all shops have revealed what exactly (if anything) they have planned for RSD, so I’d recommend checking with the shops via social media over the next few days to stay tuned.

Better Days (1765 Bardstown Road) will be opening their doors at 8AM, and as usual they will have a hefty amount of RSD titles.  Also, as in year’s past, the vaults will be opened to make more goodies from shop owner Ben’s private stash for sale. LPs, 45s, 12″ singles, cassettes, CDs will all be lovingly prepared, just for you.

Guestroom (1806 Frankfort Avenue) have got a shit-ton of RSD-related happenings to celebrate. As for the basics: Yes, they plan to have a slew of RSD related releases. No, I don’t know which ones exactly. What I do know is that they will be opening at 9AM, and the line to get in will form toward Pope Street. Starting at 9, they will start letting five people at a time into the shop, for three to five minute intervals. So basically, if you plan to buy from GR, get there early, and know what the hell you’re looking for. Also, all regular priced non-RSD releases will be 10% off the regular listed price! Hell yes!

As far as the special RSD festivities they’ve got planned,  I figured it’d be easiest if I simply cut and paste the information from the Facebook event page:

  • The fine folks from  V-Grits will be joining us at 8am, before we open, to get all you night owls and early birds healthily fed. 
  • We’ll be holding our first ever morning instore performance featuring the fantastic Howell Dawdy.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to score a sweet tote and support Girls Rock Louisville.
  • Crosley Radio will be celebrating with us– bringing out their new mobile record truck for all to see and slinging new releases for us all afternoon! They will have limited edition Crosley turntables for sale unavailable in the store!
  • Plus, visits from WXOX 97.1 FM, DJs all day starting at 1:30 (Carrie Neumayer, Twin Limb, Jonathan Glen Wood, Vane & James Lindsey, Dwight Johnson and Sam Sneed & Aaron Chadwell and maybe one or two more), sweets and snacks from Sweet Surrender Dessert Cafe and The Silver Dollar and a FREE RSD AFTERPARTY at The Louisville Beer Store with State ChampionCereal Glyphs, Equipment Pointed Ankh and Dogfish Head Beer. See the afterparty link here.

The fellas at Modern Cult (1036 Bardstown Road) will have a ton of RSD releases, although I’m not sure what time they will open the shop.  In addition, they’ve got a nice evening of music planned featuring I Have A Knife, Golden Dead, and Pissed On.  The show starts at 8PM, and while I don’t know if this show is free or how much it will cost you, I do know it is an all ages event, so that’s cool.  For more information, visit the show’s Facebook event page here.

I’m not entirely sure what time Underground Sounds (2003 Highland Avenue) plans to open their doors, but I do know for sure that they will have a good amount of RSD titles available.  Again, just to make this clear, I don’t know which releases they will have, but I can assure you that they will have a good selection.  Aside from that, they will also have specials and giveaways throughout the day, so that’s exciting.

They’ve also got a free show set to happen in the front of the store (barricades will be set up) with music starting at 1PM. Bands scheduled to perform include Slow Down Johnny, Sick Velvet, and Decline Effect, and it’s my understanding that there will be one or two more added to the bill.  Sweet.

–  –  –  –  –

I’m sure that the other shops in town have something special planned, but for the life of me I couldn’t find any information (as of 7:19PM on Wednesday 4/13).  As usual, I plan to visit as many Louisville record stores as humanly possible this Saturday; afterward I will venture to Gonzofest, which I’m sure will serve as a most excellent cap to my RSD ’16 experience.