LISTEN: Shawn Sleeps Naked – “D.R.E.A.M.”

I have no idea what the acronym D.R.E.A.M., the title of the latest and greatest from Shawn Sleeps Naked, is about, but I appreciate a good cypher. Given that the proceedings here are an instrumental track with that kind of melancholic, indie rock goodness that SSN puts out there, I’m going with “druids rule everything around me.” I think that’s a pretty logical conclusion, and an option that we should consider very seriously. Or maybe not. I’m not sure that there is enough fog machines and cloaked robes to make that title work, unless you are Sunn O))), a reference I did not expect to make coming into this writing.

The track is pretty low key, insomuch as any song that privileges a long form guitar solo as the central figure. It’s not the kind of bluesy thing that may shred out of a juke box in the back of a neon lit bar, but there are definitely traces of that here in the guitar work, rendered sublime by the keys, bass, and drums that underscore the tune. It’s a good preface to their upcoming record, Burning, which out to drop next week. You can listen to the track below and imagine all the druids you want doing whatever it is that druids do. I bet it’s awesome whatever that is.