LISTEN: Civilian – “No Blood, Clean Exit”

Every now and again, something pops up in our inbox that gets me absolutely fucking stoked, and the most recent culprit would happen to have been delivered by doom/metal/hardcore outfit Civilian with their debut 4-song EP No Blood, Clean Exit.

At first listen, I’m reminded of Jane Doe-era Converge, as the drums are expertly spastic and the guitar riffs have a demented feel that could only have been conceived somewhere south of Heaven.  Vocally, Paul Chenault takes more of a controlled, shouting approach that fits in well with an otherwise chaotic rhythm section.

As of right now, this EP is only available as a digital download and we’re unsure if this is going to have some sort of physical release as well, but if and when that does happen, we’ll let ya know.

Listen to No Blood, Clean Exit below: