LISTEN: BRENDA – “Top Shelf”

Garage rockers BRENDA are back with a fantastic new toe-tapper called “Top Shelf,” and it serves as the first single that will be featured on their upcoming EP Night School (not to be confused with Night Court). The new effort is scheduled to hit the streets May 29th, and according to the press release it will deliver “an articulate expression of all that is GOOD about love – fun, sex, infatuation, plastic – and SALTY about heartbreak – tears, P I Z Z A, depravity, plastic, chocolate covered pretzels.” I can certainly get behind all of that.

As a standalone single, “Top Shelf” is a ton of fun, the kind of good time that pairs well with good friends under the light of the sun or the moon. The rhythm section is up beat, the vocals are huge and soaked in reverb, and above all this track is catchy as hell. For best results, crack open a beer and turn up the volume as loud as your neighbors will allow.

Listen to “Top Shelf” below: