LISTEN: T-Razor – “To Whom It May Concern”

T-Razor is back with a track titled “To Whom It May Concern” that splits off in the middle to take on a new sound, but the message throughout is pretty straightforward: it’s all love for anybody that has love, but for anybody not wishing well for the emcee, they should stay away.

This guy is often designated “the hook man,” and while that’s complimentary enough, it’s getting to the point it’s a lazy assessment of his music. When you can say a couple things in one line without having to force a meaning, that’s a hallmark of a strong emcee. Take his line “I’m in tune with the Earth I have deep understanding,” I mean I’m not gonna RapGenius the shit with exegetical hot takes, but what’s under where you stand? I always dig that kind of shit, being able to take a couple things away from one thing.

Anyway, Razor is good with hooks of course, but it’s time to open up the conversation a little more as to what it is he does as an artist.  Stream “To Whom It May Concern” below:

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