NN PRESENTS: Ten Warm-Weather Songs To Get You Ready For SPRING!

Most would agree that winter is fucking bogus, because you know, being cold sucks. Now that the worst is behind us, Spring has officially arrived in all it’s glory! The neighborhood birds are chirping, plants are starting to bud, and best of all, I can drink beer and listen to music in my backyard comfortably.  Hell yes.

To celebrate this most excellent change of circumstance, I’ve personally selected ten relatively new home grown, Louisville-centric songs that I suggest you check out to make this Spring the best goddamn Spring that has ever Sprung.  I’m sure by now that your warm-weather playlist from last year is a bit stale by now, so freshen it up with a few shiny new numbers.  Spanning indie rock to hip hop to folk to punk rock, there’s a little bit of everything here.

Also, I’ve provided an explanation of how I think every track would be best consumed; whether you take my advice is up to you.  Do you have any new favorites that you’d like to suggest?  Let us know!  No Spring playlist is too long, right?

Enjoy this sitting in a relaxing chair somewhere outside, whether it be in your backyard or someone’s porch.  Or better yet, listen to “It Was You” while laying in the grass.  This song has a heavenly vibe that will only escalate any good vibrations felt on a beautiful, sunny day in Louisville.

CURIO KEY CLUB – “Running Man”
Road trip!  If you’ve got a long drive, put this song on, turn it up, and roll the damned windows down.    As you listen, consider what’s ahead and how awesome it’s going to be when you reach your destination.  This will only make your voyage better, no doubt.

Nick B Featuring Touch AC – “Four Winds”
Now that warm weather has returned, I’ve been working on my wobbly jump shot at Beuchel Park (my basketball court of choice) and this track has accompanied me on several occasions. The beat is catchy and upbeat, and as usual Touch AC delivers making this a perfect track to listen to on your headphones while getting some exercise.

MURALS – “I Live Here”
Thanks to my lovely girlfriend, my backyard is full of plants.  Whether spending time with our flowers, cacti or vegetables, we’re always relaxed while tending to our garden.  “I Live Here” serves as the perfect soother that you and your plants will love and appreciate.

Jaye Jayle – “Sugar Ran Wild”
I spent all of last week in New Mexico drinking beer and listening to the new Jaye Jayle record, so naturally “Sugar Ran Wild” (as well as the rest of the album) has become a sort of companion to my undying thirst for alcohol.  Whether you’re downing beer or liquor, I suggest putting this on, if only for the sake of having a good time.

PlayCold – “Accolades” Ft. Bones & DesignerFlowHSR
“Accolades” has after hours written all over it.  This is best listened to late on a Saturday night, perhaps while sipping a cocktail with your feet up. The classy combo of jazz piano samples and this laid back beat is fucking classy, and as you’d expect PlayCold, Bones and DesignerFlowHSR drop quality verses.

Nellie Pearl – “Live/Die”
This upbeat toe-tapper should be listened to in your car with the windows down, preferably on a Friday afternoon on your way home from work as you get fucking stoked for the weekend.

Otis Jr. & Dr. Dundiff – “The 1”
Without question, this song should be shared with your significant other if it hasn’t been already, preferably while moving side to side in an open space or makeshift dance floor.  Can’t get enough of this.

American Lesions – “Gimme The Gutter”
There are a number of ways to consume “Gimme The Gutter,” but as a 32 year old that pretends to be an adult, I prefer to listen to this shit at a high volume while vigorously doing yard work.  Mowing, weed eating, digging – none of that shit stands a chance while listening to American Lesions.

New Bravado – “Translucent Dreams”
In case you indulge in cigarettes of the left-handed variety, this psyche/stoner rock number was more or less made just for you.  Also, I’ve gotta mention that “Translucent Dreams” opens with one of the baddest guitar riffs I’ve heard in a while.  Fucking righteous.