LISTEN: CAVE DWLR – “Jungle Japes”

If you woke up this morning with the burning urge to hear a Donkey Kong themed instrumental hip-hop beat, CAVE DWLR has you covered. What you’ll get here is something that somehow synthesizes the madness of an ape-powered, banana-fueled, anti-Mario rage that manages to tap into the cultural zeitgeist; for many folks video game music is an integral part of your musical diet. What really strikes me here is how you can literally hear that shift, not in terms of this song alone, but in terms of what type of video game music is being sampled/covered. What started out as an homage to, say, 8-Bit Nintendo music has evolved to Super Nintendo and beyond, as each generation has a different start point for when they were initiated into whatever their inaugural system was. It’s a nice kind of social indicator in a lot of ways, of where you are in life.

The track itself is pretty sparse. You the beat mostly relies on percussion and scattered monkey/Donkey Kong oriented samples to propel the narrative, which as an instrumental is largely whatever you would have it be. It’s a fun poly-rhythm though and one that definitely makes you want to move. In my case, I would wash the fuck out of some dishes to this track, or something like that. And then I would get sad, because I want to play Nintendo and don’t really have a lot of time for that at this stage in my life. I get happy after that though, to imagine myself at 75, retired with the kids all grown, playing the shit out of Fallout in what very well may be a Fallout Shelter. Hakuna Matata.