LISTEN: Andrew Rinehart – “Nu Moons”

On the heels of the amazing Nothing/Everything, singer songwriter Andrew Rinehart just dropped the instrumental EP NU Moons. The release sees the artist digging a little deeper into some of the ambient musings found on his previous album, in a way that supplements the previous material, all the while standing on its own. The idea here, at least as it reads on the bandcamp, is to celebrate the season with some traveling songs. Don’t be fooled by that statement though, as these aren’t necessarily sunny or bouncy songs that make you want to get out and experience nature, although they are delightful pieces for quiet meditation. You could easily imagine yourself chilling out on a warm afternoon, soaking up some shade, and reading something classy while the breeze comes in. Hopefully you have a mimosa in that vision too, because I sure as hell did.

You can hear what I’m on about below and get incredibly mild. It’s great stuff and treat from a gifted musician in our community.