LISTEN: Tender Mercy – “It Was You”

The last time we heard new music from Tender Mercy (Mark Kramer), it came in the form of Sacred Sphinx, his excellent 2015 album. He has seemingly mastered his approach to ambient, atmospheric folk, constructing songs at a truly minimalist level utilizing just his voice, an acoustic guitar and the air in the room.

To change things up, his latest release, titled It Was You is a collaborative effort with a nice selection of Louisville artists that bring a new arsenal of instrumentation making use of synthesizers, electric guitar, and even some use of a drum machine. Each song features a different guest, making each track a truly unique experience. Get a load of the track/guest list below:

“Precision” (Words:Mark Kramer Music:Nick Sturtzel)
“Path/Trail” (Words:Mark Kramer Music:Michael Seymour)
“It Was You” (Words:Mark Kramer Music:Alexander Smith)
“Closed” (Words:Mark Kramer Music:Syd Bishop)
“Make You Mine” (Words:Mark Kramer Music:Shutaro Noguchi)

It Was You is currently available on cassette, as well as a digital download.  Download/buy it here, or purchase it at one of Louisville’s fine record stores.