LISTEN: R Boswell – “Make Like A Tree”

Pictured above: All the bleeps you can blop.

I couldn’t begin to tell you who ought to be making like a tree here, but I can say with absolute certainty that singer R Boswell means it. Boswell was or perhaps is half of the duo of Norrin Radd, and as you may guess when you hit play, he’s the singing part. What makes this such a compelling listen is how engaged Boswell is into his music; there is an intensity to the track that exceeds the dramatic expression of the already cinematic music, which makes for a transcendent listen. This is visceral stuff in a lot of ways that feels urgent to the ears, and which readily imparts that sensation. As such, it’s hard to find something to readily compare this too, although the most blatant comparison is the industrial pop of Nine Inch Nails or even Thom Yorke’s solo work. There is a sinister vibe on this track that only heightens the tension as the track reaches it’s crescendo.

I don’t know if this is it for Boswell, if this is just a one off that may or may not go any further, or if this spells the end for the aforementioned Norrin Radd. Ultimately, none of this amounts to anything other than idle speculation and a platform by which I can hope that there is more to come. We could live in hope.