WATCH: “A Brush With Death” | A Short Horror Film from HBTVS

Our friends at House By The Video Store recently made a short horror film, and I’m here to tell you about how fucking fabulous it is!  The flick is titled “A Brush With Death,” and at just over five minutes, these guys managed to pack in a shit-heap of Sam Raimi influenced scares and camera angles that fans of The Evil Dead will absolutely celebrate.

The story is short and sweet, as it follows a young lady that gets possessed after her father plays a mysterious, demonic VHS tape delivered in the mail.  Ending on a cliff-hanger, I’ve been forced to watch this over and over a few times to be sure I grasped every detail in case there is a sequel in the works.

Watch “A Brush With Death” below:

For more information including cast and crew links, go here.

WORTH MENTIONING: This film was recently shown at Filmapalooza in Atlanta, and from my understanding did quite well.  Fuck yes.