REVIEW: Murals – “Violet City Lantern”

Violet City Lantern
Fire Talk Records

So Murals, I liked your album from the first and when the Spotify advert came on and interrupted me I was very irritated.  That second track of yours, the eponymous one “Violet City Lantern” was like a dream I had with the TV on… and it made me feel very good like the dream I had recently with bag of bird seed that I cannot talk about.
This whole thing is a beautiful dream.  It’s like the fading in and out of radio waves, during a fever, from the bottom of a bottle of Robotussin. Then it’s like a long walk in the sweltering heat, with the ageless high of love.  The track “Smoke Follows Beauty” is like I’ve met a complete stranger, I am in love and I know that I will marry them and that they will ruin my life and I am excited for it.
There are other marvels of sound too. Ones that make you forget the waking world, make you forget why you were angry this morning, make you happy someone had the sage like ability to weave sound this way, just for you, just for your bones. Watching in the dark is one such song.  Have you ever taken off your clothes in the moonlight and swam next to someone you were crushing hard on? If you don’t dig on making yourself that vulnerable, the best next thing is the most beautiful thing I’ve heard all day: Violet City Lantern by Murals.

Listen to Violet City Lantern below: