NN TOP 25: March 2016

Here at Never Nervous, we love music, we love college sports, and we love playlists. So why not make a monthly Louisville-centric playlist on Spotify with 25 home-grown tunes and call it “The Never Nervous Top 25“? And why not update it with 25 relatively recent songs every month so subscribers can keep up with a few cuts that we like? You don’t have to answer that question, because we did it anyway.

Last month, we introduced the NN Top 25, and as promised, we’re back with a new installment.  The March 2016 edition of The Top 25 features songs that range from indie rock to hip hop to bluegrass, and a few in between. We don’t discriminate. Get your mind right and subscribe to our new playlist below:

WORTH MENTIONING: In order to construct The Never Nervous Top 25, we utilized Spotify, so unfortunately there is a wealth of music that we couldn’t use. In a perfect world (for us, anyway) every record ever would be on Spotify, but that isn’t the case. So deal with it. Follow the playlist here why-don’t-cha?