For Now EP
BTRU Entertainment

As diverse as the music scene is in Louisville, it’s still surprising for me to hear great R&B coming out of the city. This was the case with Bryson Tiller late last year, and now BRXTN is following in those footsteps. If these two artists are any indication of things to come then it seems this city is developing it’s own unique version of R&B. A sound that blurs the lines of hip hop and contemporary R&B.

It would be impossible to talk about the For Now EP without mentioning Bryson Tiller as a reference, BRXTN even does it himself. “Broadway” is the catchiest track on the EP and the hook is a call out to Bryson when he says, “Save her for me, do this one favor for me.” Of course BRXTN puts his own spin on it with what feels like a Jamaican/reggae vibe with the vocals doubled or possibly tripled. It’s a line and a sound that will occupy your brain for the rest of your day. It’s ok, that means you like the song.

BRXTN’s singing and rapping is flawlessly executed over simple and spacious trap beats. None of the beats are mind blowing, and that’s perfect for what he’s doing. However simple the beats seem to be, that doesn’t take away from how solidly realized they they are, and for that reason I feel that the production on For Now EP is top notch. Sometimes, the best music knows how and when to hold back. When you are dealing with the vocal talent of someone like BRXTN it makes sense to hold back and let him lead the way.

What makes the For Now EP most enjoyable for me is all the call outs to the 502. I love hearing about my city, and BRXTN obviously has love for Louisville. Both the intro and the outro are named for our area code, so at the very least this is music to play at your next house party. People may think you are bumping some new Bryson Tiller but that’s ok. Bryson is the most commercially successful artist out of our city since My Morning Jacket so BRXTN is in good company.

Listen to BRXTN’s For Now EP here.