LISTEN: Michael Seymour – “H A L O C L I N E 2”

For years now, my good friend Michael Seymour has been quietly creating music on his own terms, whether that is as a member of Visiting Nurse, the band that we are both alongside Jonathan Hill, or any one of his previous and always on point projects like Chroma or Siberia. Seymour is traditionally a bass player, and while he has a range greater than that specific frequency, he still tends to work with lower end tones regardless of what instrument he plays. Enter his most recent solo work, performed here without any abstraction in identity under his own name, which sees the veteran musician exploring serene sonic landscapes that serve almost as a warm sonic embrace. It’s that sense of comfort that Seymour plays with to give a dynamic sense of movement to a composition that otherwise seems to float in place, adrift in a fog of sound.

The piece starts off with a calming drone of the sort that would fit in comfortably alongside anything by Stars of the Lid or Nicholas Szczepanik. Gradually bass notes start to come in, forming a slow and plodding pattern that serve as the melody to the composition. While there is a distinct rhythm to the bass, it serves almost as a tonal cluster of notes rather than any conventional understanding of the concept of a riff. It’s that almost slow jazz swing that creates the momentum here, as if there is something happening or at least imminently to be so. Listen below and catch him live on March 12th for the release show for the newest Tender Mercy album alongside Psychic Skin.