REMINDER: Art+FM is Live at 97.1 WXOX

It’s important here that we show just how savvy we are with media stuff, since we are like award winning journalists or something. So with that spirit in mind, you heard it here first that Art+FM went live yesterday to provide you with the hottest of hot jams in the LPFM community, which is something that should make Louisville proud. There are a host of mutants, weirdos, and freedom fighters flying their freak flag high at WXOX and like their neighbors at Crescent Hill Radio, they are equally doing their part to make the airwaves more palatable around town. They apparently had a fancy party yesterday that celebrated getting on the air, and it looked like a lot of fun. You can hear all that fun everyday by setting your dial to 97.1 if you’re in range and you can get a taste (well… a sonic taste, I guess) of what they have to offer. I’m still struggling with sonic taste. Deal with it.

Listen at this link if you’re too cool for radio waves. Or get in your car and go hard in traffic.