WATCH: Shadowpact x Easterdaily – “Spacecars”

Hip hop trio Shadowpact are back with another video featuring a track from their Stone The Crows album. They spit bars on “Spacecars” and play video games with Charizard. On the couch at Spinelli’s, putting pizza in their bellies, Shadowpact and Easterdaily, fit together like toast and jelly.

Okay, that rhyme just took me 30 minutes and it’s not even good. This stuff takes too much time. I guess that kind of makes Shadowpact all that more impressive to me. I always thought this rap shit would be easy. Anyway, check out their latest video for “Spacecars.” It’s dope as fuck and makes you feel like you’re playing video games at Spinelli’s with your crew, even if you’re actually at some shitty office job where they don’t know they are paying you to write for Never Nervous. At least I’m not hungry…

Watch the video below: