WATCH: Asm A Tik – “On the Fives”

I couldn’t begin to tell you what’s going on in the newest video for “On the Fives,” the newest single to drop off the upcoming Language Art album from Asm A Tik. There is a definitive Stan Brakhage feel to the animation and imagery found herein, a scratchy agitated miasma of blurred lines and fractured concepts. Strewn throughout are weird icons that seem arcane in nature, leading me to believe that the band may or may not have created this video in a bid to hypnotize us all into submitting to Cthulu or some such. All I know is that after watching this, I definitely want to support our lizard overlords, currently taking the shape of Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and Donald Trump; praise be their dark maneuvers, I think.

The track here is as demented as the visuals, a tightly structured prog-metal number that never leans to heavy on one or another trope. Asm A Tik are never so prog that they overwhelm with pomp and never too metal as to eschew a good melody or turn of phrase; this is music for the Fugazi age, weaned on Black Sabbath and Magma, and we’re better off for it. Singer Nate Smallwood seems to push back against something, although I’m usually too dense to really decipher lyrics into any meaningful narrative. Still, it feels very much in line with the music of my childhood, which is unrepentantly subversive and unflinchingly so. Listen below and get pumped to see them this Friday night at Modern Cult with Disappearo for their record release show.