WATCH: Satellite Twin (live at Modern Cult)

Seems like this is becoming a bit of a thing, at least around here, to feature live sets from Modern Cult, and we’re damned happy for that. This is from the Headcleaner release show a month or so ago (time is all a blur to Grandpa Syd), and in a move that surprises no one, Satellite Twin were on fire. It’s hard to articulate what it is that makes the band so impressive, as there are a number of compelling reasons ranging from their absolute control of their dynamic, to that classic mid-90’s indie vibe that so informs their music in a way that feels natural and not a measure of nostalgia. This is a fun set that captures a band firing on all cylinders and showing how to do so with a grace that makes it look easy. It sure as hell looks fun. Watch below and get into it.