LISTEN: Wylus – “Power EP”

Here is what I know about Wylus: nothing. What is a Wylus? Can’t say. Are they from Nashville or Louisville? I don’t know and their bandcamp page is cagey like that, but I’ll take there word for it that they are from town, which is why they’re being written about here. Are there two people or ten people involved? Again, no idea, although if pictures are worth a thousand words, I’d say it’s a duo. What does “katana power” mean in a description? This is something I really need to know, because I think it would help me to be a better person. Ultimately the only question worth asking is if the music is worth a listen? This I can answer: absolutely.

Wylus make music that is dense with synths and electronic drums. There is a Daft Punk vibe here of the sort that makes it easy to imagine that you are riding deep with Tron in tow. Maybe you’re fighting off those wicked floating tank fortress things or just racing away from them on your light cycle, but either way you are definitely doing something righteous in an electronic landscape. Wylus surely does, making beats that are imminently listenable, like an unending rave that never forgets that it’s pop music and not just bass drum thumps, the background for an ecstasy high. Listen below and let the mystery of their origin guide your internal narrative.