REVIEW: The Bad Times Band – “Horoscope Blues”

The Bad Times Band
Horoscope Blues

Horoscope Blues is my first experience with Louisville Americana group The Bad Times Band. From the first track “Ordinary Man,” it’s obvious that this isn’t an ordinary Americana group. They seem to travel more in The Felice Brothers territory of grimey, dirty, whiskey-whiskey soaked Americana, at least that’s when they are at their best.

“Ordinary Man” is the most energetic and dirty sounding song on the album. It’s also the most unique track and if I could only recommend one song off of the album it would certainly be this one. The other stand out tracks on this album to me are “How Ya Doin'” and “My Friend Slick.”

While there isn’t a bad song on it, Horoscope Blues does a lot of weaving in and out of genres as if they are still searching for their sound. There are hints of doo-wop, traditional blues, and swing music that are sprinkled throughout to varying degrees of success. To me however, it’s obvious that when they have the vibe of a band that drank too much at a house show, they are at their best. This group has the potential to play some raucous, moonshine inspired, hoe-downs if that’s the direction they decide to go moving forward.

Download Horoscope Blues here; listen to it below: