LISTEN: Nick B – “Collections”

Remember a few months ago when “First 48” dropped with 1200 and Jalin Roze? The mastermind behind that track was Nick B and that song, along with 5 other gems, is now available digitally on his Collections EP.

Nick B‘s production is fluid, tranquil, and unusual on this EP. There is definitely an 80’s vibe going on, but his sound almost feels like it’s from a decade that doesn’t exist. While listening I sometimes catch myself waiting for Michael McDonald to come in on the hook. From my perspective that’s a good thing.

Although it’s easy to relax and enjoy every track on Collections, it must be noted that Touch A.C. absolutely slaughters it on “Four Winds.” Touch spits an alliterative and tongue twisting masterpiece. It’s truly one of my favorite Touch tracks. The beat is a simple 808 sound with laser hi-hats. It couldn’t get much better.

Oh yea, and don’t forget the bomb track from 1200 Rozes. This EP is a must listen if you’re into creamy and polished hip hop. Listen to it below: