WATCH: Insect Policy – The Importance of Banishing

Pictured above: the least insane image from the video.

If there were a patron saint of noise and squalor in Louisville, it would be Insect Policy. Like a glue-huffing Birthday Party, the band take a blithe stance on abusing their instruments in a way determined to frighten squares everywhere. Opening with a bloodcurdling scream, the band get into it, all bass and drum fury decorated (or profaned, if you will) by guitar accents here and there. To my ears this is a beautiful kind of noise and with few exceptions without parallel in the city. In a lot of ways they are an aspirational lot, given how little of a fuck they have towards convention or anything meant to necessarily be palatable to the casual listener. But digging deep yields rewards here and it’s a delight to hear something this gleefully heinous.

The video is a work of art. Literally. Based on illustrations by JT Dockery and directed by Bill Montgomery, the visuals here are as psychotic and paralyzing as the tune that they accompany. This is like a depraved Terry Gilliam coked out of his mind and on acid, with art provided by Charles Burns. It’s frightening and hallucinatory and more than a little maddening, but in the best most visually assaulting way possible. And it’s fucking glorious. You can watch the video below and check them out Friday, February 5th at the auralgamiSOUNDS one year anniversary after party at the Nach Bar w/The Pleasure Boys.

Insect POlicy – The Importance of Banishing from Insect POlicy on Vimeo.