LISTEN: Cloud Nine Red – “The Crack Rock Emoji EP”

The other day Big Chetti of Saving Our Style tweeted out a Soundcloud link to a project, and as I’m prone to do with most anything local, I checked it out.  As I’m also prone to do in those situations, I expected it to be a little unpolished. My expectation was slightly right but primarily wrong. From the standpoint of sound quality, it sounds like it has a solid mix but was left unmastered. That’s about the only knock I have. With my pesky fuckboy critique out of the way, let’s move on to the many positives.

The EP was a great introduction to Cloud Nine Red. It does exactly what an EP should do, give the listener just enough to leave them wanting more. He turns a phrase just as well as anyone else in the area and his beat selections were on point as far as I’m concerned. We’ll be eager for the emerging artist’s next project and hopefully get to see how he would go about carrying a full length record with a little more professional sound.