BECAUSE YOU MISSED IT: Old Baby, Teal Grapefruit & American Lesions at Zanzabar 1/15!

BEHOLD: American Lesions at Zanzabar!

I was in a good mood all day at work on Friday because no matter what, I knew I’d be attending what was sure to be a high quality rock and roll show at Zanzabar later in the evening. 

Before getting to the show, I stopped in at Four Pegs for some beers and pretzels with beer cheese. Why is this important? Because beers coupled with pretzels and beer cheese is FUCKING AWESOME. But you already knew that.

First up was punk rock four-piece American Lesions, a band I know about and have heard before, but haven’t had a chance to watch play coming in to the show. From the first note, the band was incredibly tight as they flew through their set seemingly without a hitch. Dave Bird’s flamboyant stage persona was something to behold, although I really wish his vocals were a bit louder. Nevertheless, they put on a fabulous performance and I can’t wait to see them again.

Watch a video I took of American Lesions performing “Gimme The Gutter” below:

Next on the bill was Teal Grapefruit, another band I knew of and heard previous to this, but hadn’t actually had the chance to watch them perform. Their set consisted of a handful of mostly brooding, slow-builders, and the more I watched their singer I couldn’t help but think of Iggy Pop. Maybe it was the copious amount of booze in me, but I kept thinking “Teal Grapfruit sounds like The Stooges meets Type O Negative in the weirdest way, and I love it!”

Apparently the band released a four-song cassette tape at the show, but I had no idea as I hadn’t seen anything about this. I wish I would’ve gotten video of these fellas, but I was quite a way back from the stage. 

Old Baby closed out the evening with a masterful performance that was full of hot tracks, both new and old.  I’m not sure how active Old Baby will be in the future, so I’m glad I had a chance to watch them play. It was especially awesome to witness them play a few songs from their latest New Music record, an album I really like.

Watch a video I took of Old Baby performing “Into The Earth” below:

After the show, I somehow ended up at The Golden Nugget. I’m not sure why I was there, or how long I was at this place, but damn, I woke up the next day with a spectacular hangover and I’m blaming it on that place. Thanks, Golden Nugget.