WATCH: Howell Dawdy – Handsome Boy

You can add to Howell Dawdy’s list of attributes his handsomeness, rendered here in his video for, well, “Handsome Boy.” Here, Dawdy enumerates his many virtues as a handsome boy, made possibly by his apparent transportation to a planet with lower standards of beauty, and possibly with a heavier gravity. When you write it out that way, it’s hard to see this in any terms other than Vonnegut, where sci-fi is flawlessly used as a tool for satire and comedic effect. As such, Dawdy uses his track here as a statement on how people view beauty, and in specific, the waif like qualities of models and the celebrity elite. What makes the song brilliant is in the way that Dawdy never picks on any one person or even standard for attractiveness, but rather how that very thing is a weight that encumbers the beautiful.

Per usual, this is fun and in the spirit of classic Beck, albeit a bit more poignant. The video reflects that goofiness with a variety of low budget green screen effects that are a delight to see. You can tell that Dawdy has fun making these videos, and he might be the most prolific producer in town, as far as his single to video ratio, which is impressive to say the least. You can watch the video below and grab a copy of his “Handsome Boy” on the most recent edition of the Gubbey Records Headcleaner Comp.