LISTEN: The Foxery – “American Dissonance”

The Fall of 2014 was tumultuous to say the least. Not only was there massive upheaval at the LEO, which I also work for, but the birth of my first (and only) child was imminent. I write this to give a bit of context as to how I came to encounter The Foxery, as I was tasked with interviewing them for one of the earliest issues of the LEO under the new direction. I spoke with singer/guitarist Cadillac Young, who in addition to having a name that required awesomeness, was easy to talk to and completely down to Earth. You get that when you listen to their music too, not that it’s necessarily easy listening or anything, as herein lies a fiery tension, but that this is the kind of thing made by folks who are approachable and relatable.

Today The Foxery dropped American Dissonance, which definitely lives up to its name. This isn’t much a departure from what came before. Here you’ll have the requisite gang vocals, and vocals that break up when hollered, an effect that engenders a sense of urgency. The music is as luscious as ever, rich with textures and ambiance. There are tons of clever changes that make it a treat to revisit, good news considering the short length. And of course, that humanity that I mentioned above is well intact and inviting; this sounds like your friends trying to stave off sour times by singing at it, and it’s better off for it. Listen below.