LISTEN: Belushi Speed Ball – “Regretfully Endorsed By Señor Diablo”

Are Belushi Speed Ball metal? Hardcore? Thrash? I’m a bit out of touch with the heavier subgenres nowadays, but nevertheless, I’m here to tell you about the latest album from this skull-crushing four-piece. The title of their latest effort is Regretfully Endorsed By Señor Diablo and it is currently available as a free download on their Bandcamp page

What’s it sound like? After pressing play, I immediately hear a cross of Kill ‘Em All-era Metallica and Sick Of It All-style hardcore, especially in the vocals. If you’re into either of these things combined with silly lyrics and song titles, there’s a good chance that Regretfully Endorsed By Señor Diablo will be a good time for you.

Listen to Regretfully Endorsed By Señor Diablo below: