WATCH: Sea Hero – “A Spoonful of Dirt”

Well, the good news is that intrumental indie rock four-piece Sea Hero are back with a fantastic new 7-song album called Graustark. The bad news, however is that the band has decided to call it quits as they just played their final show over the weekend. Let’s just focus on the good and listen to a moody, brooding track from their final effort called “119” below: 

To get you excited about Graustark, Sea Hero made a horror-themed music video for the album closer “A Spoonful of Dirt” where you get to see the band get stalked in the woods by a demon-like character whose appearance is reminiscent of a Thulsa Doom follower/bad guy from Big Trouble in Little China. I’ve gotta say, this is more than a music video and more of well done, entertaining a short film. I absolutely love the camera work and practical effects! The song itself is a gorgeous, slow-building number that goes hand in hand with this dreary, winter weather we have been forced to embrace lately.

Watch the video below:

WORTH MENTIONING: Graustark is available on vinyl (super short run, so get yours quick!) as well as online as a digital download at their bandcamp page; expect to see this pop up on iTunes soon as well.