REVIEW: Dr. Dundiff & Friends “WYAVHCANY” (Wishing You A Very Happy Christmas And New Year)

Dr. Dundiff & Friends
WYAVHCANY (Wishing You A Very Happy Christmas And New Year)

The eggnog’s gone, the fat man slid back up the chimney and the bows and mistletoe are back in the box. As fast as the holidays came, they went. Lo, what’s this you see? A small package has been left on your digital doorstep? What to your wondering eyes should appear? Tis, Dundiff and friends, gifting dat ass one last round of Christmas cheer.  
Anywho, let’s get into this really well arranged record masquerading as a “compilation.”  Before we talk music, I think keeping quiet about the arrangement and the cohesiveness would be a misstep. It’s my opinion that after a certain level of skill, the little things an artist does are what begins to set them apart from the crowd. Little things like considering how to put an album together, finding common themes to run throughout a record and so on.  When enough of these little things add up, they are what cumulatively make a listener appreciate a record in more meaningful ways, ways that often they themselves aren’t even able to pinpoint why. When you hear music and think to yourself, “this just clicks with me,” it’s often to due a lot of diligence the artist has put in the details and rarely due to chance.  
On Dr Dundiff’s latest release WYAVHCANY, the aforementioned type of cohesion is there, and all the more impressive when considering he managed it through working with over 20 different artists. Honestly, I expected to hear several cliche-ish tracks, slightly amusing one off’s about beating Santa’s ass, spiking the eggnog with Henny, you know, that sort of shit. Not that it would’ve been bad, but it would’ve been played out. Where you might’ve expected a generic or obviously easy approach topically, you get T-Razor story telling about not wanting to be alone on the holidays, or RMLLW2LLZ reflecting and putting a final cap on the year that was and looking forward on what’s to come. You get relatable and relevant content on a project that could’ve taken a much easier (cheesier) route. The album also does a nice job meshing these real life, holiday oriented topics with some forward looking declarations for 2016 and the need to keep growing as a person. In sum, there is balance and that is not often the case on compilations, they typically play more like a collection of songs, not an album.
I won’t speak to all 20 of the artists due to time constraints, but musically there are really some stand out moments. It’s obvious, but Dr. Dundiff shines on the production throughout. It’s said that mastery over anything takes 10,000 hours and while I don’t have a running clock on his progress, I’ll be damned if Dundiff isn’t approaching that mark. As for the emcees, Dave. and Dom B have an obvious chemistry and their nonchalant styles coupled with witty lyricism set an easy going tone early. There are heavy hitters from the Louisville scene all throughout and as per usual they all deliver, but from my own experience as a listener, I’d give an honorable mention to RMLLW2LLz’s verse on “No Frontin,” Jalin Roze‘s verse on “1200 Days Of Christmas” and T-Razor’s storytelling (and just the vibe in general, this is my personal favorite beat/track from the album) on “Seasons Change.” This is a project that has a little something for everyone though, so in the words of the legendary OG Lavarr Burton, you don’t have to take my word for it.

Be sure to stream/support the record below to find the things that you might like!  Plus it’s rude as fuck to turn down a free gift that someone gives to you from their heart, so don’t be a dick, fam.  Oh, and to all of you from all of us here at NN, WYAVHCANY!!!