REVIEW: Dave. – “Dirty Flannel”

Dirty Flannel

This album from Dave. boasts 18 tracks of tripped out hip hop that really rely on some of the more laid back vibes that you will find here in Louisville. His beats are chill as fuck, similar to the production you will find on Allen Poe’s work. The production quality is high on “Dirty Flannel” with a focus on the vocals that fits perfectly with the spacious tracks. Dave’s “stoner-esque” delivery makes him stand out in a genre where it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to do so.

While Dave. can handle his own on any track, Dirty Flannel features some of my favorite features. The songs he chose for Kogan Dumb and Bonez are two of the best on the album, especially “Better Than Your Average” which at first showcases Dave.’s laid back flow with Kogan Dumb coming in like a tidal wave on the second verse. The beat is one bar repeated underneath a simple piano sample. It’s grimy in a way that’s similar to Wu-Tang.

“Trippy” stands on it’s own on this album. While most of Dirty Flannel has a general theme of tripping on psychedelics, this song separates itself because it’s a chorus (the effect) glazed acoustic jam. Even the vocals are ran through a chorus effect on this song and it produces the ideal psychedelic feeling. It’s also worth mentioning that this track also features my favorite verse I’ve heard from Bonez. He kills it.

Dirty Flannel also features Dom B on the track “God Bud” which also has my favorite hook on the album, “you can’t take me off my level, God bud, I copped it from the devil.” Again, this beat is a slow, short, and trippy sample. Dave. and Dom B approach their verses differently but by this point in the album you start to realize that Dave. approaches his verses different than everyone. That’s what makes Dirty Flannel so entertaining.

Although my favorite songs on this album all have features, it’s not the features that make me love these tracks. It’s Dave.’s stoner hooks and the simple production on the album that really make it. This is highly recommended listening for smoking weed and playing video games on a rainy, winter day.

Check out Dave.’s soundcloud here; Listen to Dirty Flannel below: