WATCH: Axel Roley x Kogan Dumb – “Most Abstract b/w Ali” & “Until December”

The fact that I can report how inundated we are with quality subject material to report on is a testament to the quality of the scene here, whether that’s hip-hop, indie, or what have you; Louisville is killing it lately. For the last several years Kogan Dumb has been an artistic force and that trend is certainly continued here in what he identifies as #DumbDecember. The idea is to roll out a video once a week, which started last week with the release of Ali’s Until December, a freestyle rap over GoldLink’s When I Die. I was unfamiliar with the beat before, but it’s fantastic, and Ali shows remarkable talent. His raps are earnest and heartfelt and it’s hard to not empathize with his plight here. And KG does a great job of capturing that urban malaise with a simple imagery and excellent lighting work and slow motion video.

This week sees the release of Most Abstract, a cut from the Axel Roley produced, Kogan Dumb rapped 38 Bucks Club. Fuck yes to this video. Again KG shows that he has an eye for visuals and the acumen to match beats to such. The imagery here is stunning, absolutely as classy as the album from which the track is pulled, backed with some incredible editing work. When you here a rhyme reference something in specific, watch for an accompanying image to tie it all together in a way that, while not quite linear in terms of story, still manages a narrative all the same. If you watch this and don’t feel compelled to work harder at your own art, I’m not sure what to tell you; I know I’m definitely motivated to get to work on my own projects and I thank Kogan for this.

Check out the video for Until December here.

Ali – Until December ( Red Band Trailer ) from Kogan Dumb on Vimeo.

And you can peep Most Abstract below.

Axel Roley x Kogan Dumb – Most Abstract from Kogan Dumb on Vimeo.