WATCH: ASM A TIK – “Leave No Prints”

I haven’t heard much from indie rock four-piece ASM A TIK over the last few years, as they seem to have been on a sort of hiatus. Thankfully, the band is back with a new 10inch record on the way that will be released January 23rd via 28:48. Language Art is the title of the album, and to get you excited about the new effort the band made a music video featuring their song “Leave No Prints.”

The video is a collection of short, black and white clips of pouring rain, gusts of wind, and other seemingly random visuals. The song itself is a fierce, aggressive take on indie rock that reminds me of  bands like Crain, The Monorchid, and of course Red Sun, which should be a bit obvious considering that ASM A TIK boasts two members of the now-defunct, classic Louisville troupe. I have to say that for me personally, it is a breath of fresh air to hear Nate Smallwood’s voice again as I have always loved his vocals. If you aren’t familiar with the lineup, it goes like this: Brian Foor – keys/sax, Nathan Smallwood – vocals/Warr guitar/guitar, Sean Roberts – drums/backing vocals, and Keith Sampson – bass. 

Now that you’re hip to ASM A TIK and their upcoming record, get a load of their new music video below: