LISTEN: Sick Velvet – “Sick Velvet”

Fuzzed out glam rockers Sick Velvet make the kind of toe-tapping, infectious rock and roll that embraces the glitter genre that you’ve previously heard from T. Rex and Ziggy Stardust-era David Bowie. At least that’s what I’m hearing on their debut self-titled 5-song cassette that was released last week. For me, these songs really work as Sick Velvet doesn’t present themselves as another stale, boring psyche throwback.  This music is truly fun and infectious, especially on the opener “Choke A Loved One” where they appear to really embrace their inner Bowie. 

This EP is easy for me to get excited about, as I haven’t heard many bands in Louisville pull off the early 70’s glam rock in a way that doesn’t come across as being trite or pretentious. I can’t wait to hear more from these guys!

Listen to the debut from Sick Velvet below: