PODCAST: Yoko Molotov joins us to share stories about our redneck youth, her bands, and her visual art!

Picture Above: The blurriest photo of the NN crew and Yoko Molotov petting my cat Egon.

The 22nd episode of the Never Nervous Podcast features a fun interview with our favorite paramecium: Yoko Molotov! We’d been looking forward to recording this particular show considering that Yoko is our first female guest, as well as a fascinating individual, and for that we are absolutely grateful. We hadn’t previously met, but we had a fabulous time sharing stories about our pseudo-redneck youth, the noise she makes in Sweatermeat and Teens of Tycoon, and her controversial visual art. She was incredibly witty, fun to be around, and very nice to my dog and two cats.

WORTH MENTIONING: Syd was unable to make it on this episode, but in his absence one of our favorite people on the planet stood in as guest host: Thommy Browne!  What a guy!  We are truly lucky to have this incredible human being willing to be on the show as much as he has.  Look forward to hearing more of him in the future as he will be joining us for next week’s Christmas episode as well as our best of 2015 episode.

Listen to our interview with Yoko Molotov below:

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