WATCH: Novemberisland – “Hera”

One of the joys at Never Nervous is getting new stuff to review that you may not have heard about otherwise. Case in point is the newest video for Novemberisland, which is some of silkiest R&B I’ve heard in a while. I was introduced to this as jazz-trap music, which didn’t make a lot of sense until I put this on, and makes for a remarkably cohesive combination. As such, the music here is similar to Sade or The Weeknd, albeit streamlined to focus on one groove throughout the entire track, rather than the more complex production found in either of the aforementioned artists. So like rap music, I mean; it’s just one beat and a voice that carries the tune and it’s perfect. This is super chill stuff that seems designed for the romantically inclined, and it scores a slam dunk with that.

As to the romance stuff, well, I can’t really speak to that. I’ve never been particularly suave, which is exactly what the visuals in the video are meant to convey. One of the main lyrics in the song is the repeated refrain “I wonder,” so it makes sense then that the primary focus here is our protagonist wandering through the city, ostensibly on route to his date. And did I mention that he has an awesome eye patch? He’s basically like if Nick Fury performed as John Legend, and it kind of makes me wish I had a need for an eyepatch. Kind of. 
Check it out below.