LISTEN: Les Disinfectantes – “Endless Pleasure”

About four weeks or so ago, a friend of mine hyped me to the existence of Les Disinfectantes, the newest project featuring Adam Rains. Here are the facts that I know about it: Adam Rains plays on it and it is fucking amazing. If anyone else is involved, I have no idea who that is or what they did, and I have no idea if this project will ever be anything other than a series of incredible recordings, although I know that it should; this would be fucking breathtaking live. The music here isn’t looking to break down any barriers not previously explored by My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, and Mono, and it absolutely doesn’t need to. This dense with feedback, fuzz pedals, and at times some of the most brutal riffs I’ve heard anywhere, and it’s incredible to behold. The end of the track “No Sun” makes me want to flip burning cars onto the homes of my enemies while I’m running shirtless through the city. It is exactly as righteous as that.

Listen below and get ready to get post-apocalyptic in your ensuing fury. Or try on some of the milder tracks and imagine it’s warmer outside and you’re wearing shades floating in a pool somewhere, contemplating life and sipping a margarita (but carefully, because you’re in a pool and you ain’t no heathen). Get into it.