REVIEW: Stonecutters – “Blood Moon”

Blood Moon

The most metal title for a song ever is “Carbon Footprint” and it’s on this album. I’m not the best at making out lyrics from metal singers, I need the old CD jackets with the lyrics that we used to get in the 90’s, but if this song is about the impending destruction of mankind caused by global warming, well that rules. That’s a real threat to mankind, and that’s really fucking metal. That’s like someone having a gun aimed at their head and then you write a song about it and play it for them. Metal.

Blood Moon is what you would expect and want from a thrash metal album. It has an old school, raw feeling that really lacks in most current metal releases. Over-production on most metal albums makes me feel like I’m listening to a computer rather than 4 or 5 leather clad, pissed off, talented musicians. So as a fan of a band sounding like a fucking band, I love Blood Moon.

These guys deliver the goods on “Where Madness Prevails,” a song where they invoke some of the great speed metal of the 80’s and early 90’s. It’s a song that makes you want to circle pit in your blue jean vest and wallet chain. It starts off with a perfect clip from the 1976 Al Pacino classic “Network.” It begins, “All I know is at first you’ve got to get mad…” and this song is ideal to get mad too.

The guitar work on this album isn’t the “shredding” that you might be used to with the newer crop of metal that seems prevalent. Where these guys may or may not lack in “technical” proficiency is really the bands gain as I believe it adds to the rawness of the album. Rather than jerking themselves off with a face-melting solo, they tend to play what sounds right for the song; that’s a highly underrated talent. Don’t get me wrong, they still rip out a few gems like the solos that are littered throughout “Little Insect,” but it’s done with respect to the overall sound.

If you’re into heavy stuff that feels like the old days when the double-bass pedal wasn’t calculated in pro-tools you will probably enjoy Blood Moon. It’s nice to see people still rocking out like they should be with dirty guitar tones, grimy vocals, and a recording that sounds like you’re in the room with them. It’s well done and it deserves your attention.

Listen to Blood Moon below: