LISTEN: Lydia Burrell – “X-Mas Morning”

Take that Sunspring! Lydia Burrell just rolled out their own track entitled “X-Mas Morning” (not “Christmas Morning“), and the two couldn’t be more diametrically opposed. There is a kind of delightful tension in the music of Lydia Burrell, that never feels, well, tense. Of course, what I mean to imply here is the sense that there is something imminent to occur, a kind of implicit dynamic that seems ready to go at any moment. Where usually that connotation would include some kind of aggressive undertones though, the band replace that with a gentle kind of indie-pop sensibility that seems poised for joy; the fact that the wave crests but never quite crashes is a testament to how the band subverts expectation in the most rewarding possible way.

This is a delicate and beautiful number that would work any day, but a nice holiday themed song nonetheless. “X-Mas Morning” is about that aforementioned expectation, and in finding the peace that the day is meant to have. As a young person, my imagination usually outstripped the reality of the day, but with maturity I’ve found solace in just appreciating the moment for what it is. And it would seem that so has Lydia Burrell. Check it out below and feel that all is right in the world.