LISTEN: Cat Casual and the Holy Midnight – “Three Twins” b/w “Wicked World”

Cat Casual and the Holy Midnight have returned already with a couple of new singles, and as before they are a good time. There is a manic vibe to both “Three Twins” and “Wicked World” that seemed lacking somewhat in the previous tracks, which is at least partly attributable to the work of keyboardist (and Asm A Tik member) Brian Foor. On “Three Twins,” the vibrato of the keys adds a lot of late-60’s psychedelia to the mix, filtered here through a haze of proto-punk madness. “Wicked World” has a similarly breakneck pace, albeit with a little less emphasis on any one instrument over the other, for a sound that blends the space-surf of Man or Astroman? with the rowdiness of the Cows. These are both a bit different if only in the urgency of the material, but the quality remains the same. Why wouldn’t you want to listen to a few barn burners anyway?

You can check out “Three Twins” below.

And check out “Wicked World” here.